Notice of Series

Notice of Series

NSW Formula Windsurfing Series 2012-13

1.0 Titles:
NSW Formula Championship, 2012-13

2.0 Venues and Dates:

2.1 Formula:
Event Date Discipline Heat Location
29 – 30 Sep 2012 Formula Heat 1 Hawks Nest
20 – 21 Oct 2012 Formula Heat 2 Jervis Bay
10 – 11 Nov 2012 Formula Heat 3 Sydney
01 – 02 Dec 2012 Formula Heat 4 Lake Macquarie
26 – 27 Jan 2013 Formula Heat 5 Hawks Nest
30 Jan – 02 Feb 2013 Formula Nationals Hawks Nest
16 – 17 Feb 2013 Formula Heat 6 Lake Macquarie
02 – 03 Mar 2013 Formula Heat 7 Jervis Bay

3.0 Organising Authority:
Windsurfing NSW Association

4.0 Rules:
This series will be governed by the current ISAF racing rules; except where altered by this Notice of Series or the specific Notice of Race / Sailing Instructions for an each heat. Where there is conflict, the sailing instructions will take precedence.

Entry Fees Formula
1st Event Entry Fee = Entry Fee of $40.00 for each event ($30 for youths). Entry Fee is payable at the time of registration, unless series payment has already been made.

5.0 Divisions:
Results will be assessed in the following divisions:

Open – All competitors
Grand Master – Competitors over the age of 45
Free Formula (Old FE+) – Competitors sailing a shortened course
Youth – Competitors who have not reached the age of 20 years, as of the first day of the first heat of the series.

6.0 Equipment:

Formula Windsurfing – equipment restriction to apply, as per the current international formula rules. Custom boards complying with these rules may be used.
Maximum sail Open, Grand Master, Free Formula divisions = 12.5 square meters.
Maximum sail Youth, Female = 11 square meters.

Schedule of Events
Registration and Sailing Instructions:
Competitor registration and equipment checking will be conducted at the venue in accordance with the event schedule.
Event Schedule (subject to wind conditions)
Day 1 Registration 10.00 – 10.30 hrs
Briefing 10.30 hrs
Racing 11.00 hrs
Day 2 Racing 11.00 hrs

7.0 Competition Format:

The racing format for the events will be as scheduled format and subject to weather conditions on the day.

For a formula scheduled event it is the intent of the race committee to conduct racing in wind strengths from a minimum of 7 knots measured from a drifting boat, 2 meters above the water up to a maximum of 25knots. Wind measurements will also be taken from an anchored boat at the start line up until the start signal using a minimum of 10 knots to account for the stationary boat. Should the wind fall below a minimum of 10knots from the anchored start boat then the race will be cancelled.

Should conditions exceed 25kts at the briefing at the start of the day then the race committee may decide to conduct “fun slalom racing” instead where the results will not contribute to the NSW Slalom Windsurfing Series.

Course configuration will generally have a windward component and all divisions start and compete on the same course.

The course to be sailed will be posted on the official notice board no later than 30minutes prior to the scheduled starting time for racing on each day.

8.0 Conditions of Eligibility to compete:
Points will not be scored towards the series unless the competitor is a current financial member of a club or class association affiliated with the Windsurfing NSW Association inc.

9.0 Series Scoring:
The NSW Formula Series (All divisions) consists of 7 scheduled heats and points for each individual heat will be combined towards the Formula Series point score. 1 race per Heat will be required for that event to have a result. Eligible competitors shall score points towards the relevant series point score on the basis of their finishing position at each individual heat as follows: First (0.75), Second (2), Third (3) etc.

Did Not Finish (DNF) n + 1
Did Not Enter the heat (DNC) n + 2
Disqualified (DSQ) n + 1
where n equals the number of competitors entered in the heat.

Ties in the series will be decided in favour of the competitor who has won the most number of heats and, if the tie remains, the most number of seconds and so on until the tie is broken. If tie is still not broken then the winner will be the best placed finisher in the last single race competed in. An eligible competitor’s total score for the series shall be the sum of his/hers scores in each heat less discards. **You have to attend Heat 7 to qualify for a drop.

Race discards: one discard is allowed for every four races completed. Each competitor’s worst race results will be discarded from their total score.
Series discards: if 4 or less heats are completed there shall be no discards. if 5 or 7 heats are completed, each competitor’s worst heat result shall be discarded from his/her total score.
Competitors must attend heat 7 to qualify for their drop.

10.0 Trophies & Prizes
Trophies/prizes will be presented to:

NSW Formula Series, 2012-13:
Open 1st , 2nd, 3rd
Grand Master 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Free Formula 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Youth 1st, 2nd,
Woman 1st

12. Sail Numbers
Sail numbers shall be in accordance with the current ISAF windsurfing competition rules, Appendix G or as approved by the race committee. In the event of duplication, sail numbers registered with the Australian Windsurfing Association inc. will be given preference for use.

13. Buoyancy
All competitors whilst racing shall wear personal flotation devices.

15. Entry Disclaimer
It is the competitor’s sole decision to enter this championship and to start and or to continue to compete. By way of entering, competitors acknowledge that participation in this championship can be dangerous and accept that their participation is at their exclusive risk in every respect. In addition, by way of entering competitors shall hold harmless the organising authority, its officers, members, servants and agents and all other competitors in respect of all liability for injury to their person and or damage to their property howsoever arising from their participation or intended participation in this championship. The organising authority, its officers, members, servants and agents accept no responsibility in respect of loss of life, personal injury or loss or damage to property which may be sustained by reason of a competitor’s participation or intended participation in this heat or arising for whatever reason in connection with this championship.

16. Further Information
Please refer to the NSW Windsurfing Series website at or call Brett Morris on 0414 812 545